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E N S Ō   p r o j e c t

b r i e f l y   a b o u t   t h e   p r o j e c t (lietuviškai skaitykite čia)

music tends to emphasise
the illusion of time linearity, while in nature,
far from all the temporal reminders, during meditation, time loses its linear
form, there is only the present moment,
it is the existence in space and nothing else.

the aim of a project is to grasp such moment in music, to
experience music as sound's journey in space
rather than as linear and temporal composition. sound moves out of the two-dimensional timeline into
the time-space continuum and allows the music to be dancing in space along with
performer's body movements.

i am using the kinect camera to capture my movements and convert them into
digital signals that form and alter the sounds in regard to motion.  (read more here)

E N S O   L I V E:   ' M A ' (2013)

M A is ensō project collaboration with dance theater comma8 for
        the sound and movement improvised play, performed in 2013
        in vilnius, lithuania.


ensō project author - silence on pluto
        dancer - ruta butkus
costume designer - elvita brazdylyte
light designer - vilius vilutis


t h e   c o n c e p t

the project explores the concept of time in music and puts it in a different light - i aim to reassess the relation between time, space and sound.  

musical composition is one of the forms of arts that tend to highlight the importance of duration and is directly relative to time: only a time flow here allows a listener to fully experience the whole and complete result of a product, unlike
paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc. where the finished work is there for a spectator to witness immediately. music with its conventional relation to time - specific duration, sequence of musical events, interactions of sounds - creates a clear-cut illusion of a timeline, as the changes of sounds are happening at particular points of a piece.

our working memory allows us to grasp the logical relation between individual sounds, by capturing and 'storing the data' of a sound that just happened, and by inertia anticipating the upcoming. throughout the whole composition each individual musical event, that is happening at the here-and-now moment, is being wrapped around by the notional context, which allows us to experience tempo, dynamics, phrasings, etc. the sequentiality and the temporality of a musical piece perfectly reflects an illusion of a timeline formed in our minds.

in nature time rather exists as rhythmically repetitive cycles - seasons, days and nights. as civilisation developed, for the sake of convenience these cycles were divided into equal parts and numbered: seasons to months and days, days to hours and seconds. such social constructs as calendars and clocks created an illusion of a very tangible running time, formed in our minds a metaphorical image of a flowing river, making us picture ourselves travelling from the past, through the present towards the future.

once you achieve a meditative state; once you break away from urban environment, where everything is measured in time units; perhaps somewhere deep in nature, far from clocks, schedules, calendars, time gains an ultimately different meaning - the only real moment is the present moment. i guess such time is simply called 'existence'. such time is inseparable form space. it is not seen as a linear progression. it is here-and-now, space-and-time continuum. our existence is one big continuous motion of alteration, where all the things only exist, move and change in space.

enso project is a simple experiment to conceptually implement such a moment in music, leaving behind its linear structure, getting rid of its two-dimensional shape. space here plays a tremendous role. time becomes merely one part of a joint 'time-space' conception. the sound loses its convenient location on the time line and moves into space, that is, instead of developing in a time period, in a duration of a piece - the sound develops in space. during a performance sound is born and altered due to the spatial changes: movements are captured by sensors (kinect camera) and converted into a digital signal, which automatically forms a sound in regard to the motion. it lets the sound to be traveling and diving in space along with you. the body is an agent, a mediator where time and space meet. the piece is no more a dotted line, there is no duration, no sequential events or composition - sound is simply stretching across the space as one big altering motion. it is no longer traditionally 'pushed from left to right', from past to future. it is just happening.

e n s ō  refers to
the beginning and end of all things,
the circle of life and the connectedness of existence.
it symbolizes emptiness or fullness, presence or absence.
all things might be contained within, or, conversely, excluded by its boundaries.
it is infinity, the nothing,
the perfect meditative state, enlightenment.
the ritual of hand-drawing ensō expresses a moment when
the mind is free to let the body create.

• special thanks to synapse for such a user-friendly software